J. Fletcher


Joe is an amazing all round tattooist, who can happily do smooth black and grey.

But is in his true element when he does bright, bold and colourful pieces


Always happy to look at any ideas y'all have from small bits of writing to huge colourful floral designs.



J. Smith


Jeremy Smith has been tattooing for over 10 years.

His focus is on strong bold traditional tattoos but is happy to take on most styles.

As well as being the shops' owner he was trained in North Carolina, USA and has worked in numerous studios both there and in the UK.

J. Craddock


Crad has been tattooing for over five years. He loves keeping it classic but can put his hand to any job that comes his way with confidence and strength.


Enjoys working with a wide range of styles and no job is too big/small.






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